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Colorado Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Posted on: February 15th, 2024

Riding a motorcycle is extremely popular in Colorado, and for good reason. With an expansive stretch of scenic mountain roads, long rides can be exhilarating and beautiful. However, they are also extremely dangerous. Motorcycle accidents are a regular occurrence in Denver and throughout Colorado. Due to the lack of protection afforded by motorcycles, injuries occurring in these crashes are often more catastrophic than those associated with injuries to individuals involved in a car accident.

At Pushchak Law, we understand the appeal of riding a motorcycle, but we’ve also witnessed the devastation caused by serious motorcycle accident injuries. While we support riders pursuing their passion for the open road, we encourage everyone to do so safely. The following statistics will help illustrate the importance of safe riding, as well as the need to always wear the proper safety gear.

Colorado Motorcycle Accident Fatality Statistics

motorcycle accident fatalities in ColoradoAccording to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), motorcycle accident fatalities represent a disproportionately large percentage of the total vehicle accident fatalities each year. In 2022:

According to CDOT’s preliminary 2023 data, motorcycle accident fatalities declined slightly last year compared to 2023. There were 134 motorcycle deaths in Colorado in 2023, down 10% from the previous year. While this decline in fatalities is a positive development, there were still way too many motorcycle riders losing their lives in 2023, and this figure underscores the need for all riders to take every possible safety precaution whenever they’re on the road.

Riders without Helmets Comprise Large Percentage of Fatalities

Colorado helmet laws only make wearing a helmet mandatory for riders under the age of 18. As a result, it’s common to see many riders without a helmet on roads in Denver and throughout the state. While these riders aren’t breaking the law, they’re taking an unnecessary risk that significantly increases the likelihood that injuries will be more serious, if not fatal, in the event of a motorcycle accident.

In 2022, 75 of the 149 Colorado motorcycle accident fatalities involved riders who weren’t wearing helmets. This equates to roughly 50% of all motorcycle accident fatalities for the year, which is a staggering figure.

If you’re looking for additional data to support the importance of wearing a helmet, look no further than these figures provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

If you need to replace an old motorcycle helmet or are interested in getting a helmet for the first time, you can refer to the NHTSA motorcycle helmet page for tips on how to choose the right helmet.

Most Fatal Motorcycle Accidents Occur Near Denver

Denver motorcycle accident lawyerWhile riding on mountain roads typically involves higher speeds, there are typically fewer fatalities than in urban areas. This shouldn’t be all that surprising, as urban riding involves interacting with many more vehicles, creating additional risks that aren’t present on more sparsely traveled mountain highways.

Based on the most recent CDOT data (2022), the counties with the highest number of motorcycle accident fatalities were:

Other than El Paso County, the other counties in the top five are all located in the Denver metro area. While El Paso County isn’t near Denver, it is Colorado’s most populous county and contains one of the state’s largest cities, Colorado Springs.

Safety Tips to Reduce the Risk of a Motorcycle Accident

While it’s impossible to completely eliminate the risk of a motorcycle accident, there are a variety of steps you can take to significantly minimize your risk:

Pushchak Law Can Help After a Motorcycle Accident

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by the negligence of another driver, you may be entitled to recover compensation for your damages. At Pushchak Law, we’ve helped many riders hold negligent drivers accountable, and we’ll fight aggressively to maximize your compensation.

Brian Pushchak has made motorcycle accident cases a primary focus of his practice. He’s handled hundreds of these cases for Denver area riders who have been injured, and this experience gives him a greater understanding of the complex issues associated with motorcycle accident cases. Mr. Pushchak knows how to evaluate the total extent of your damages to ensure your compensation reflects any future medical expenses you may incur. This level of specialization in motorcycle accident law gives you the edge you need when seeking compensation for your damages.

In addition, Mr. Pushchak has developed a unique Informed Decisions™ Approach focused on ensuring you receive the best outcome for your case. This approach keeps you in control of the process at all times, while arming you with all the important information necessary to understand your rights and options. Mr. Pushchak will listen carefully to your story and discuss your goals for the case in detail. He’ll answer any questions you may have and explain your legal rights and options. Together, you’ll review his legal strategy recommendations, and you’ll have the final say on how we handle your case. This approach ensures Mr. Pushchak remains aligned with your goals and wishes throughout the process.

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