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Case Results

Denver lawyer Brian Pushchak has experience assisting clients in recovering from their injuries. Below are some of the results we obtained in the past three years for our clients to help them live their best possible life.

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$660,000 Dog Bite Settlement at Mediation

Denver  dog attack attorney Brian Pushchak obtained approximately $660,000 for the victim of a dog bite causing permanent disfigurement to their face. The dog owner denied having any knowledge of the dog’s dangerous past which after months of litigation turned out to be entirely false. After uncovering this evidence, the case resolved short of trial at a mediation.

$500,000 Wrongful Death Settlement

Pushchak obtained $500,000 for the loss of a father in a tragic car accident involving multiple vehicles. The defendant failed to yield the right of way on a left hand turn and caused the death of our clients’ father. After obtaining expert reports from accident re-constructionists, we successfully resolved this matter short of filing a lawsuit. It was an honor to assist the family in obtaining this result and providing closure regarding this tragic loss.

$600,000 Settlement Without Filing a Lawsuit

Pushchak personal injury law firm obtained a $600,000 settlement, without having to file suit, for our client who fractured her arm when the at fault driver ran a stop sign and t-boned her vehicle. Our client suffered permanent injuries to her dominant hand as a result of this collision. We were able to include to cost of all future treatment and assistance related to this collision for our client.

$300,000 Dog Bite Settlement Involving Serious Infection

Denver law firm Pushchak P.C. obtained a $300,000 settlement for our client who was bit on the arm by a black lab at her work. The minor wound subsequently became infected causing permanent damage to her body. The dog owner, who acknowledged the animal’s anxiety issues prior to the attack, negligently brought the dog to a public store which caused the animal to become aggressive and attack our client. After retaining a Certified Applied Animal Behavior expert, the insurance company paid their policy limit to our client.

$150,000 Slip and Fall Settlement at Mediation

Attonrey Brian Pushchak obtained $150,000 for our client who was injured after slipping and falling in his apartment complex parking lot and broke his leg. The apartment complex denied liability, a law suit was filed, and we discovered the complex failed to provide any snow or ice mitigation after multiple snow falls in January. It turns out the apartment complex breached multiple contracts by failing to provide these services to its residents and quickly settled the claim shortly thereafter.

Confidential Settlement for Toe Amputation after Pedicure

Pushchak represented a client who had a toe amputated after receiving a pedicure at a spa in Colorado. Her toe was seriously infected with a water born bacteria that is easily destroyed if proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures were used at this spa. While the settlement amount is confidential, our client received significant damages for her medical bills, pain and suffering, physical impairment and disfigurement.

$100,000 Insurance Bad Faith Settlement

Pushchak obtained a $100,000 settlement for our client whose insurance carrier didn’t appropriately evaluate her claim, didn’t communicate with her regarding her claim, and effectively denied payment of insurance proceeds due to her under her insurance policy. After filing suit and deposing the insurance company, our client was paid the fair value of her claim and damages for bad faith insurance conduct.

$50,000 Settlement Reached after All Insurance Carriers Denied Liability

Attorney Brian Pushchak obtained the insurance policy limits of $50,000 for a serious motor vehicle accident after both insurance carriers involved denied liability. We investigated the collision, obtained the 911 tapes, interviewed independent witnesses to the collision, obtained red light data from the government, retained expert accident engineers, and successfully forced all insurance carriers to pay their policy limits. Our client’s damages unfortunately exceeded $50,000 and we also provided appropriate advise on purchasing additional insurance to protect himself in the future.

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