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How Much Does it cost to Hire Pushchak Law Firm?

Our contingency fee policy is that we don’t collect any legal fees from you, until we win your case.

Denver Dog Bite & Motorccycle Accident Attorney Brian PushchakWe have had many clients say they did not initially hire a personal injury attorney to help them when they needed it because they thought they needed to come up with out-of-pocket money, thought the cost wasn’t going to be affordable, or were afraid of discussing payment with an attorney. We understand.  However, please do not let the prospect of attorney affordability determine whether you reach out for help.  The contingency fee agreement is known to be affordable for everyone.

The Contingency Fee:

Understand that the option is yours regarding how you want to pay your attorney. While there are a variety of ways to pay your lawyer (hourly rate, flat fee, contingent), most of our clients elect to sign a contingency fee agreement because there is no upfront money for you to pay (also known as a “retainer”) prior to us beginning to work on your case and no hourly rate you need to pay an attorney during the time we work on your case.  In fact, we don’t get paid any of our legal fees until we recover money for you.  We understand that many of our clients have lost income because they can’t work due to accident related injuries. Under a contingency fee agreement, the attorney earns a percentage of the settlement at the end of the case for the work they completed. This is highly desirable to many people for a couple of reasons:  One, because people do not have to come up with money out-of-pocket in order to hire an attorney to work on your case.  Two, because your attorney is then personally motivated to obtain the greatest settlement amount for you, as they would earn more fees as well. Additionally, in the unfortunate event that we are unable to recover any money for you for your injuries, you would not owe us a dime for our time.  If you don’t recover any money from your case, then we don’t either.  Our policy minimizes the risk to our clients, and that’s makes our clients even more confident in hiring us.

If you take a percentage of my settlement, wouldn’t I get more money by not hiring an injury attorney?

According to a study published by the Insurance Research Council (IRC), injured persons with an attorney receive approximately three and a half times more money, on average, than people without a lawyer.  To us, this indicates that insurance companies often take advantage of people without attorneys to “low ball” the injured person(s) in an accident.  Additionally, attorneys who have dedicated their profession to helping injured people, such as attorney Brian Pushchak, know the law and often increase the value of a claim by researching and finding additional information pertinent to the case that most people who are not attorneys would not necessarily know to do. If you suffered any type of injury in an auto accident, it’s always a good idea to at least participate in a free consultation with an attorney to assess your claim and discuss your options. We are always happy to speak with you about your case. If you decide that hiring an attorney is the best choice for you, know that you can trust the team of experienced and dedicated lawyers at the Pushchak Law Firm to fight for the fair compensation you deserve.

We keep our fee agreement with you clear & simple

Please know that the Colorado Supreme Court regulates the typical fee agreement used in personal injury cases, which is a contingency fee agreement (CFA). The Court mandates the minimum contents of the agreement and provides a sample contract that is clear and concise. While some firms have 75-80 paragraph fee agreements, we adopted the sample contingency fee agreement approved by the Colorado Supreme Court and our agreement is only 13 paragraphs. While we certainly explain how attorneys are compensated for their work so you feel comfortable with the agreement, we would rather spend time talking to you about your life and how to get back on track.  We pride ourselves in the number of new clients we are able help due to referrals from our former clients. Fairness is important to us, and we are sure it is to you as well.

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