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Service Animals and Dog Attacks – This is Not Just a Property Damage Claim

Posted on: August 15th, 2019

Helpful Tips for Dog Bite Victims Tragically, we are receiving more and more calls from victims of dog attacks where their service and/or emotional support animals are wounded or killed during the attack on their owner. This is tragic for obvious reasons, but these cases are much more complicated from a legal and factual basis…

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Motorcycle Accident Not Wearing Helmet – Do I Have a Case?

Posted on: March 20th, 2019

Riding a Motorcycle and Not Wearing a Helmet, Do I Have a Case? If you make the decision to ride a motorcycle and not wear a helmet, the probability of a serious traumatic brain injury and death increases exponentially if you are involved in any kind of collision. In Colorado, there have been 57 fatal…

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Another Great Outcome for a Pushchak Law Firm Client!

Posted on: February 21st, 2019

We have successfully resolved a very interesting case for a client who was injured in a head-on collision in 2018. This client sustained lacerations to his head and injured his neck and shoulder. While this may seem to be expected in a head-on collision, how the collision occurred and what the insurance company didn’t want…

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How Long Does a Personal Injury Case Take?

Posted on: November 6th, 2018

One of the questions we are frequently asked when people are hiring us to represent them for a personal injury case is how long will it take. There are many different factors that go into how quickly a claim resolves. The Length of a Personal Injury Case Depends on How Long it Takes to Heal…

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Dog Attack Client Triumph

Posted on: September 11th, 2018

Great Result for a Good Samaritan! We recently assisted a client who was involved in a dog attack but was not bit or otherwise attacked by the Pitbull.  You may be wondering how does he have a case? Our client came to the aid of a young woman and her 4lb dog who were being…

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