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Is There a Motorcycle Helmet Law in Colorado?

Posted on: February 24th, 2022

It’s important to be aware of safety requirements for riding your motorcycle. In addition to potentially exposing you to expensive tickets, failing to comply with safety laws could hurt your ability to recover compensation in a motorcycle accident lawsuit. At Pushchak Law, Denver attorney Brian Pushchak wants to make sure you are able to hold…

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Colorado Dog Bite Law

Posted on: February 18th, 2022

Dogs are popular pets, but they can also be dangerous animals. If you’ve been injured in a dog bite attack, you have the right to seek damages for your injuries. At Pushchak Law, dog bite lawyer Brian Pushchak is dedicated to holding dog owners accountable for the injuries their animals cause, to the full extent…

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Steps to Take If Injured in a Dog Attack

Posted on: February 15th, 2022

Dogs can be good pets, but some of the same things that make them good pets – like territoriality, watchfulness, and loyalty – can also make them dangerous animals. Tens of thousands of Americans go to the hospital every year for treatment of dog attack wounds. If you were injured in a dog bite attack,…

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What Is the Burden of Proof in Slip and Fall Cases?

Posted on: January 31st, 2022

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, you might have extensive medical bills. You might have broken bones and pinched nerves. You may even have suffered traumatic brain injury. The consequences of the injury might follow you for life, as some injuries rarely heal well and can lead to long-term disability. When…

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Why Do Dogs Bite?

Posted on: January 28th, 2022

It’s a myth to believe that some dogs bite and others don’t. Under the right circumstances, all dogs can bite. Dog psychologists will tell you that all dogs bite for a reason. This is not the same as saying that all dog bites are provoked. Dogs may bite in situations where they don’t understand what…

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How to Get a Colorado Motorcycle License

Posted on: January 25th, 2022

Before you hit the road on your motorcycle, you should get licensed by the state of Colorado. Not only will this help you avoid tickets if you get pulled over, it can protect you in the event of a motorcycle accident. If you are riding without a license, it is a lot harder to recover…

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Common Legal Defenses in Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

Posted on: December 23rd, 2021

Insurance companies make their profit by not paying claims. To achieve this, they have lawyers who will defend them against your claims. But when you are hurt in a motorcycle accident in Denver, you deserve compensation when another driver is at fault. That is the only fair outcome in this type of case. Denver motorcycle…

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Who Is Liable If a Dog Bites Someone While in the Care of a Dog Sitter?

Posted on: December 17th, 2021

If a dog attacked you, you may have suffered serious injuries. These injuries often require medical care, which might have included emergency care, surgery, plastic surgery, physical therapy, trauma counseling, and more. This care is expensive, and you shouldn’t have to pay for it. Denver dog bite attorney Brian Pushchak is committed to making the…

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4 Most Outrageous Holiday Personal Injury Lawsuits

Posted on: December 14th, 2021

When the holidays roll around, many people like to take time off. However, justice never sleeps, and just as people are often injured at this time of year, many file personal injury lawsuits over their injuries. While most of these lawsuits are justified, there are a few that seem a bit over the top. Below…

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Dog Bite Prevention Tips

Posted on: December 6th, 2021

About one in five people bitten by a dog require medical attention, accounting for about 800,000 visits to urgent care, hospitals, and emergency departments every year. If you want to avoid being one of those injured by a dog bite, it’s important to take the right steps. Here are some dog bite prevention tips that…

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