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What to Do When Bitten by a Dog with an Uninsured Owner

Posted on: November 9th, 2022

If you’ve been injured in a dog bite attack, you may be entitled to recover compensation for your damages. Colorado dog bite laws establish strict liability for dog owners. This means dog owners are held liable for any damages related to an injury caused by their pet, regardless of whether the dog was known to be dangerous or the owner acted negligently.

While the dog owner is liable for your injuries, it can often be challenging to recover the compensation you deserve if the dog owner doesn’t have insurance. In many instances, dog bite injuries result in costly medical bills and if the owner is uninsured, they may not have the money to cover your costs out of pocket. For this reason, it’s critical that you work with an experienced dog bite attorney if the dog owner is uninsured.

While recovering compensation may be more challenging in these situations, there are still steps you can take when dealing with an uninsured dog owner.

Verify Whether the Dog Owner Is Truly Uninsured

dog bite attack with an uninsured dog ownerDon’t just accept the dog owner’s word that they aren’t insured. There are a variety of insurance policies that may provide coverage for injuries in a dog bite attack, and it’s possible the dog owner simply isn’t aware that their policy covers these incidents. Types of insurance which typically cover dog bite attacks include:

Most homeowner’s insurance policies will provide liability coverage for dog bite attacks. It’s common for renter’s insurance policies to provide this coverage as well. However, not all landlords require tenants to carry renter’s insurance so you should always ask the dog owner whether they have a policy. If the dog owner is unsure whether their homeowner’s or renter’s policy covers dog bite attacks, you can check with their insurance company. Mr. Pushchak can also review their policy for you to determine whether they are covered.

Pursue Compensation from Other Liable Parties

In some instances, there may be other parties besides the dog’s owner who may be liable for your injuries. In some instances, another liable party may have insurance and provide you with the ability to recover the compensation you deserve.

Some other potential liable parties may include:

Filing a Lawsuit Can Help You Learn More About Your Options

dog bite lawsuitEven if the dog owner is uninsured, filing a dog bite lawsuit is still worthwhile. There are several potential benefits to filing a lawsuit:

Pushchak Law Can Help

At Pushchak Law, we’ve made dog bite lawsuits a primary focus of our practice. Mr. Pushchak has extensive experience handling cases involving uninsured dog owners, and he can help ensure your rights are protected every step of the way.

You’ll also benefit from our unique Informed Decisions Approach™ which has been designed to ensure you receive the best possible outcome to your case. As part of this approach, you remain in control of the entire process. Mr. Pushchak will listen carefully to you to understand your specific goals for your case. He’ll then explain your options to you in detail and recommend the ideal strategy to deliver your desired outcome. You’ll also have Mr. Pushchak’s personal contact information so that you can reach out anytime you have questions about your case.

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