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How Insurance Companies Handle Motorcycle Accidents

Posted on: February 26th, 2020

We’ve talked about motorcycle insurance coverage and personal injury in the past. But today we want to dive a little deeper into how insurance companies actually handle motorcycle accidents so you have a clear view of what you can expect and why it often falls short of what you deserve.


One of the trickiest components of insurance is the coverages. There are minimum state-required coverages and coverage levels that go above and beyond that. The higher the coverage levels, the higher your monthly premium. Unfortunately, if you opted for lower coverage levels in order to keep your monthly premiums down, you may be in big trouble when an accident resulting in injury occurs. The insurance companies are only responsible for the coverage you’ve paid for. Even more, the fine print within that coverage may prevent a number of things from being covered depending upon the circumstances that contributed to your accident.


Bodily injury is a common and highly-recommended insurance coverage for motorcycle owners. Because the likelihood of said injury is higher for motorcycle drivers than other drivers, this coverage can come at a premium. Though bodily injury coverage can be fairly comprehensive, it’s the cap where many motorcyclists run into issues. Once insurance runs out, it’s gone. And our healthcare system as it stands today makes it incredibly easy to rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills depending on the severity of your accident and injuries. Bodily injury insurance can help, but in moderate to severe motorcycle accidents the reality is insurance rarely covers the majority of the medical expenses you incur.

Lifestyle Changes

With serious injury often comes change in lifestyle. Sometimes that’s extensive physical therapy before you can even think about getting back to the things you used to enjoy. Sometimes a motorcycle accident can result in paralysis or loss of limb, completely altering the rest of your future. Regardless of the severity, the way your life changes after the accident is not something your driver’s insurance accounts for. This is the single largest area we see people struggle in, and it’s a large part of the reason we are in the area of law that we are. We know that personal injury impacts the lives of those injured long after the accident that caused the injuries is a faded memory.

You Deserve More

Insurance can certainly be a valuable ally in lessening the load on your shoulders in the wake of a motorcycle accident resulting in personal injury, but at Pushchak Law we believe you deserve more than what insurance can offer. It’s a stepping stone, sure, but when you work with a personal injury attorney that genuinely cares about getting you back to your life, the entire path becomes clear.

Personal injury cases are complex and often frightening for the injured parties navigating them. Adding insurance companies to the mix can help financially, but it’s important to know the limits of your coverage and understand the total landscape of the pain and suffering you’re experiencing as a result. If the numbers don’t add up and the jargon is overwhelming, know that we’re here to help you get what you truly deserve – and what you need to get back to your living your life in the best possible way despite the circumstances you’re currently facing.

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