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Difference Between Motorcycle and Car Accident Injury Cases

Posted on: July 8th, 2020

While all personal injury cases are different, there are also major differences in the type of personal injury case you may be dealing with. As your motorcycle accident attorneys, we can tell you that while motorcycle and car accident personal injuries may seem similar on the surface, there are a lot of major differences between the two that you should be aware of.  


While both can cause severe injury, even sometimes leading to dismemberment or death, very severe injuries are more common in motorcycle accidents than car accidents. Because motorcyclists are so exposed at the time of impact, this might not surprise you. Still, it’s worth noting. Motorcycle accidents far more often result in permanent injuries, which impacts the scope of your case as well as the potential breadth of your compensation. 


We’ve talked about motorcycle insurance and insurance tactics to look out for in the past, and that still holds true. While some insurers will do their best to stand by you in the wake of an accident, some will employ sneaky tactics to try and withhold payment that you deserve or use public perception against you in order to keep more money in their pockets.  

Juror Understanding  

Like it or not, the jurors on your case can have a negative impact if you’re a motorcyclist. Jurors are more likely to understand the mechanics and circumstances surrounding a car accident and the injuries involved. The evidence presented in a car accident injury case is more likely to be easily absorbed without confusion because many more people drive cars and other vehicles than do motorcycles. If your jurors understand how motorcycles are driven, the mechanics of motorcycles, and how riders are supposed to react to various situations on the road, it can greatly help your case.  

 Public Perception Matters  

In many places, there’s an interesting perception of motorcyclists as thrill-seekers or daredevils. This perception can hurt you if you are a motorcyclist facing an injury after an accident. Because of this perception, many people have a negative stigma against riders. Being viewed as reckless when seeking compensation for a severe or life-changing injury can hurt your chances.  

Regardless of injury severity, public perception, insurance shenanigans, and juror understanding, the best shot you have at the compensation you deserve to get your life back on track is a lawyer who can understand which of these things might come into play with your particular case and account for them. If you’re dealing with a personal injury from a car accident or motorcycle accident and are wondering what your options are, give us a call at 303-372-6145 for a free consultation today.  

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