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Can Dog Bites Cause Nerve Damage?

Posted on: April 16th, 2023

Dog bite attacks can result in devastating injuries, many of which may result in long-term complications that make it difficult to perform routine daily tasks or participate in your favorite activities. In some instances, dog bites can result in nerve damage, causing permanent disabilities.

Common Forms of Nerve Damage from Dog Bites

nerve damage after a dog biteThere are a variety of different types of nerve damage that you may sustain during a dog bite attack. The exact form of nerve damage you experience will depend on the location of the dog bite, the size of the dog and the animal’s strength. Some of the most common forms of nerve damage stemming from dog bites include:

Signs You May Have Suffered Nerve Damage After a Dog Bite

Common symptoms associated with nerve damage from a dog bite include:

The severity of these symptoms will depend on the amount of pressure applied to the damaged nerve during the dog bite.

While these symptoms may appear right away, it may also take days or weeks before you exhibit signs of nerve damage after a dog bite. For this reason, it’s critical to pay attention to any changes in the physical sensation you experience in the weeks after a dog bite. If you notice any of the symptoms listed above, seek medical attention immediately. Prompt treatment will help minimize the risk of long-term effects associated with the nerve damage.

Treatment Options for Nerve Damage After a Dog Bite

treatment for nerve damage after a dog biteThe right treatment for your nerve damage will depend on the severity of your condition and how promptly it’s diagnosed. In most instances, conservative treatments will be tried first. These may include:

In severe cases, surgery may be required to repair or replace your damaged nerves. In some instances, nerve damage may be permanent.

Pushchak Law Can Help

If you’ve suffered nerve damage after a dog bite, you may require costly and extensive medical treatment. Fortunately, Colorado dog bite laws hold the dog’s owner responsible for your damages, even in the event that negligence did not occur. At Pushchak Law, we’re here to help you through this difficult time and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Brian Pushchak has made dog bite cases a primary focus of his practice, and this specialization will give you the edge you need when seeking to maximize the value of your compensation. Mr. Pushchak has witnessed firsthand the devastation caused by nerve damage after a dog bite, and he will fight aggressively to ensure your compensation reflects the total extent of your damages.

With our unique Informed Decisions Approach™, you’ll be in the best position to achieve a successful outcome to your case. This approach keeps you in control of your case at all times. Mr. Pushchak will work closely with you to understand your desired outcome, and this will guide his recommendation regarding the proper legal strategy to pursue. He’ll always be available to answer any questions you may have or provide updates on your case. This focus on client education ensures you will understand your rights and options, allowing you to make decisions about how your case is handled from a position of knowledge.

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