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Can a Denver Attorney Help with a Sturgis Motorcycle Accident?

Posted on: August 29th, 2022

As the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally comes to a close, more than half a million riders start heading home. Unfortunately, many of those who rode to Sturgis either never made it there or are unable to return on their bikes because of a motorcycle accident that resulted in injury or death.

If you are a rider who had to come home as a passenger in a car or someone waiting for a loved one who will never come home, you might wonder what are your legal options for compensation, and can a Denver motorcycle accident attorney help me?

The answer is: yes. In many cases, Denver motorcycle accident attorney Brian Pushchak can help you get compensation for your injuries or the loss of a loved one in a motorcycle accident.

If the Accident Happened in Colorado

Depending on the route, nearly a third of the drive from Denver to Sturgis is in Colorado. It is also likely not a coincidence that more motorcycle accidents occur in August in Colorado than in any other month. Brian Pushchak can represent you in any motorcycle accident lawsuit related to a crash that occurred anywhere in the state.

Mr. Pushchak has helped people with motorcycle accidents occurring on some of Colorado’s most dangerous roads, some of which are in the High Country, but many of which are in the Denver Metro area along the Front Range. He can also help with any motorcycle accident that happened on the Eastern Plains of Colorado. The open roads and clear sight lines should make these roads safe for motorcyclists, but exhausted truckers and inattentive road trippers put riders at risk.

If one of these drivers caused your accident, you deserve compensation, and Puschak Law is prepared to fight for all the compensation you are owed under the law.

If the Accident Happened in Wyoming, Nebraska, or South Dakota

Sturgis motorcycle accident lawyerBut can a Denver motorcycle accident attorney help if you had an accident in another state? Again, depending on the route, you might pass through Wyoming or Nebraska as well as South Dakota on your way to Sturgis. In this case, Pushchak Law can still help. Here’s how.

At a minimum, Pushchak Law can give you a referral for a good local attorney with knowledge of the area. Pushchak Law works with (and sometimes against) lawyers from around the country. We know which lawyers will likely give you quality representation in the state where your or your loved one’s motorcycle accident occurred.

It is also an option to choose Mr. Pushchak as your attorney. Then we partner with a local attorney who is licensed in the state. This can make it easier for you. You’ll turn in your paperwork here, all of your consultations will be here, and you may even have the option of deciding if you want to travel to hearings (if there are any). This is very convenient for you, and it lets you choose a local attorney that you trust rather than working with someone far away you might not know as well.

Why Choose Pushchak Law for Your Motorcycle Accident

If you or your loved one was hurt or killed in a motorcycle accident related to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, let us help. Pushchak Law is dedicated to ensuring you get the full compensation you are due under law.

We practice a unique Informed Decisions™ Approach that helps you get the best results and have the best experience with your motorcycle accident lawsuit. We take the time to listen to the circumstances of your accident and understand your goals. Then we recommend the best way to achieve those goals, even if it means working with a different attorney. We put our expertise at your service when we think it’s likely to give you the best results. However, the case always remains yours, and you are in charge. We give you our personal contact details so you can always reach us with questions and concerns.

If you need help with a motorcycle accident lawsuit, please call 303-372-6145 or use our online form today to schedule a free consultation at Pushchak Law in Denver.

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