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Uncommon Motorcycle Laws

Posted on: June 23rd, 2020

Motorcycle drivers know that things are different on a bike. You have to pay attention more acutely on the road, you have more safety considerations to take into account, but you also get that sweet, sweet freedom. However, like all drivers, motorcyclists are not above the law. As your motorcycle accident attorney, we know when it comes to motorcycle laws, there are some wild and wacky ones you should know about – whether you’re riding where they apply or not.  

Turban Vs. Helmet  

Helmets are required in many states for motorcyclists, a law that has received quite a bit of debate for some time. However, in British Columbia, you can ride your motorcycle helmet-free if you wear a turban. This law specifically applies to adherents of Sikhism, so if you were thinking about going helmet-free just for the heck of it, tough luck.  

Pants Required  

Admittedly, we don’t exactly feel like this should need to be said, as riding a motorcycle pantsless would be ill-advised for a large number of reasons. But at some point in time, someone must have given it a shot, because there is a law in Minnesota that states all students in a motorcycle endorsement program must wear pants. Of course, the law also states that riders in a motorcycle endorsement program must wear other protective clothing such as gloves, shoes, helmets, and a jacket or long-sleeved shirt. So, yes, it’s likely the law is intended to keep riders safe, but hey, it still sounds pretty funny.  

Highway Illumination  

Interestingly enough, this law doesn’t exist in too many places. But in Connecticut, the law states that motorcyclists must always illuminate their headlight on the highway if your bike was manufactured since 1980. This law applies to daylight hours, too. It might seem unnecessary, but statistics have shown that motorcycles with lights are involved in fewer accidents, so there’s a lot of safety rhyme for that reason.  

Red Light Privilege

If you’ve thought that every time you see a motorcyclist running a red light they were being completely lawless, you’re actually not entirely correct. There are laws in a few states, like Illinois, that allows motorcyclists to drive through red lights at traffic signals that have failed to detect the arrival of the motorcycle due to size or weight.  

If you look hard enough, you can find some pretty absurd laws out there. Many are leftover from old ways of running things that don’t apply any longer but simply haven’t been cycled out through legislative sessions. The complexity and breadth of laws that exist in every state, city, and municipality, further illustrates why it’s so important to have a knowledgeable lawyer on your side if you’re facing a motorcycle-related personal injury. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, schedule your free consultation or call 303-372-6145.

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