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Most Reported Dog Bites in Denver

Posted on: May 27th, 2020

As your Denver dog bite attorneys, we know that Colorado is an incredibly dog-friendly state, and Denver is an incredibly dog-friendly city. While that’s wonderful for dog-lovers and the pooches who get to explore the great outdoors alongside their owners, it brings with it the risk of ill-behaved dogs biting other dogs and humans. Dog bites are one of the more common types of personal injury we see and deal with, but there’s more to them than meets the eye. Let’s take a closer look at dog bites in Denver. 

It’s Not Just Pits 

If you ask just about anyone what they consider to be a dangerous dog breed, they will most likely say Pitbulls. However, the data just isn’t there to support the hatred this breed receives. Westword recently reported that in 2019, Pitbulls came in fourth behind Labrador Retrievers, German Shepards, and American Bulldogs. The idea that all dogs of a single breed are vicious and to be feared does no community good when it comes to safety and avoiding personal injury. However, the fact remains, that Pits do account for the most severe dog bites that we see. 

Dog Safety Across Breeds Matters 

Of course, the opposite is true as well. While assuming all dogs of a single breed are dangerous does no good, assuming all dogs of a unique breed are calm and docile is equally harmful rhetoric. In reality, all dogs are wild animals. Even domesticated, they have instincts that we cannot fully control. That’s why dog safety and training across breeds are so important. It doesn’t matter if Fido is a pedigreed Retriever or a lovable mutt, taking the steps necessary as an owner to train your dog and follow all local and state laws regarding leashing and dog behavior is critical. 

Be Alert

Unfortunately, letting your guard down around strange dogs is never the best choice. No matter how sweet and approachable a dog may seem from far away, there’s always the chance that something could trigger a fight or flight instinct that could leave you severely injured. It’s important to be alert when you’re in public spaces with other dogs, and always ask if it’s safe to pet a dog before attempting to do so. If you see a dog with no owner in sight, proceed with extreme caution. 

Hold Owners Accountable 

The breed doesn’t matter. Any dog can bite, and any dog can leave lasting damage as a result. Don’t get us wrong, we love dogs and we think they make incredible companions, but in the wrong hands, any dog can be dangerous. That’s why it’s important to hold dog owners accountable. Dog owners must keep in mind the safety of others and the safety of their dog when abiding by leash laws and even when abiding by guidelines that allow their furry friend to run leash-free. Keeping an eye on a dog’s behavior is the owner’s responsibility, first and foremost. That is true regardless of the breed and any perceived personality traits attributed to those breeds. 

If you or someone you know has recently been bitten by a dog, you deserve to know your options. Give us a call to discuss the details of your case today, or schedule your free consultation

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