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Harmful Bra Injury Case

Posted on: April 11th, 2019

Strange Personal Injury Case

When you work as a personal injury attorney, you see a wide range of unusual things. Whether they come across our door as a case or we see about them in the news, personal injury can be very interesting, and sometimes downright strange. One of the strangest cases from recent years that caught headlines and stirred strong reactions was a case involving Victoria’s Secret and the potential use of harmful chemicals in their bras.

Rashes and Reactions

In 2008, one woman said she had red, hot, inflamed, and blistery welts that itched “profusely.” The rashes were so bad that she couldn’t even sleep. Because of this, she filed a lawsuit against the company.

Not the Only One

After she spoke out, several other consumers, dozens, came forward with similar claims involving a number of the brand’s collections. It went from a single lawsuit filed to a potential class-action lawsuit almost overnight. But where things get even stranger is when the bras were sent to a lab for testing.


The firm representing the woman who initially filed a lawsuit had the bra types named and sent to a lab. That firm said the bras tested positive for the chemical formaldehyde. Victoria’s Secret, of course, denied this accusation, stating their strict quality control and production standards. The woman’s attorney still holds that, whether or not intentional, the chemical is making its way into the bra’s manufacturing. The doctor who diagnosed her welts said the reaction could have been caused by formaldehyde. Obviously, the presence of such a harsh and controversial chemical in one of the world’s largest intimate apparel brands would be a huge deal.

Though the Formaldehyde Council has also made clarifying statements explaining that the likelihood of the presence of the chemical in the bras is very small, stating that the chemical quickly dissipates in air, water, and sunlight.

At the end of the day, the specific claims were unproven, untested, and potentially implausible, but that doesn’t make the injuries the woman received from the undergarments any less strange or alarming.

A New Take on Personal Injury

When we approach a personal injury case, we make sure to have all the facts lined up, to know your story and to understand where you’re coming from. Often in the personal injury space, there is a stigma that keeps injured individuals from seeking the compensation they absolutely deserve – be it motorcycle accident or dog bite injury. We know that you’re just looking for the fastest path back to your life, and we want to help you get there. If you’ve suffered an injury, strange or otherwise, recently, and want to know more about your choices, contact us today for a free consultation. Together, we’ll help you receive the compensation you deserve to get back on your feet in the wake of your injury.

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