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Determining Liability in a Truck Accident

Posted on: February 25th, 2021

Truck accidents often result in catastrophic injuries that create crippling financial hardships for the victim. In many instances, these accidents could have been easily prevented if the truck driver, trucking company or another party associated with the operation of the vehicle had taken greater care in following safety precautions. When the negligent actions of another result in a truck accident, you may be entitled to recover compensation for your damages.

Unfortunately, truck accident cases are much more complex than other types of motor vehicle accident lawsuits. There are several reasons for this increased level of complexity:

These factors can make it challenging to determine liability in a truck accident case. At Pushchak Law, we have extensive experience handling truck accident claims in the Denver area. Mr. Pushchak knows the laws that apply to these cases, and he’ll carefully investigate your accident in order to identify all parties who are liable for your truck accident injuries.

Who Can Be Held Liable in a Truck Accident Lawsuit?

Determining Liability in a Truck AccidentDepending on the circumstances associated with the truck accident, one or more of the following parties may potentially be liable for your damages:

How to Prove Liability in Your Truck Accident Case

police report after a truck accidentMr. Pushchak will work with a team of experts to investigate your truck accident and identify which of the parties listed above may have acted negligently. He may use the following pieces of evidence to prove liability in your lawsuit:

Pushchak Law Can Help

Recovering from a serious truck accident can be a long and challenging process. You may face costly medical bills, lengthy rehabilitation and time missed from work while you recover. This can result in devastating financial burdens for your family. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through this difficult time alone. Mr. Pushchak is here to help.

Mr. Pushchak has witnessed firsthand the devastating injuries that occur in a truck accident, and he’s committed to helping you recover. He’ll fight aggressively to hold all negligent parties accountable and ensure your damages reflect the total extent of your loss.

Pushchak Law is the only personal injury firm in the Denver area that uses an Informed Decisions Approach™ focused on achieving a fair outcome to your case. As part of this approach, you can count on an attorney who:

This approach places your needs at the forefront of the entire process and ensures you receive the high levels of personalized care you deserve. Mr. Pushchak will stand by your side every step of the way to help you receive the fair outcome you deserve.

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