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10 Tips to Avoid Blind Spot Motorcycle Accidents

Posted on: September 27th, 2021

Blind spot motorcycle accidents are among the most common and dangerous types of motorcycle accidents. However, they are also highly preventable.

At Pushchak Law, we work hard to ensure a fair outcome for every client. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident because a driver didn’t do everything they should have to avoid that accident, you deserve compensation. We will fight to get it for you. However, we also hope that our blog will help prevent future accidents.

5 Tips for Drivers to Avoid Blind Spot Motorcycle Accidents

As a driver, it is your responsibility to watch out for all vehicles, including motorcycles. If you fail to do so, not only will you injure someone, you can be held liable for the injuries you cause.

Adjust Your Mirrors Every Time

Every time you get into your vehicle, take the time to adjust your mirrors. Use landmarks around your vehicle to confirm that you’ve minimized your blind spots. Check your mirrors again the first few times you are stopped at traffic lights to make sure you have as complete view around your vehicle as possible.

Use Assistive Technology but Always Check Blind Spots

Modern cars have plenty of safety technology that can reduce your risk of blind spot accidents. You should use it, but always remember to check your blind spots manually.

Always Check the Full Lane Before Maneuvering

Motorcycles are small and only take up part of the traffic lane. If you don’t check the entire traffic lane before completing a maneuver, you might miss them.

Use Your Turn Signals

motorcycle turn signalBefore maneuvering, engage your turn signals. This warns others that you are going to move so they can avoid moving into the space.

Stay Alert and Focused

Don’t drive when tired or intoxicated. Minimize distractions in the car.

5 Tips for Motorcyclists to Avoid Blind Spot Accidents

Although drivers should do all the above, they often don’t, so motorcyclists have to take their own steps to avoid blind spot accidents.

Don’t Ride in Possible Blind Spots

The easiest way to avoid a blind spot accident is to avoid riding in blind spots. However, this is often easier said than done, because it can be hard to track all the potential blind spots of cars on all sides.

Practice Defensive Driving

Be aware of other cars and try to anticipate their movements so you can utilize the speed and maneuverability of your motorcycle to avoid accidents.

Dress Visibly

Wear bright clothes, ideally with reflective strips for nighttime visibility. Drive with your headlight on during the day.

Pass Quickly

Passing cars means moving through their likely blind spots. The less time you spend in them, the safer you’ll be.

Stay Alert and Focused

Don’t ride when you’re tired or intoxicated. Keep focused on the road.

Pushchak Law Can Help after Your Motorcycle Accident

If you or a loved one were injured in a motorcycle accident, Denver personal injury attorney Brian Pushchak can help. He has extensive experience helping motorcyclists collect compensation after injury in a motorcycle accident.

With our exclusive Informed Decisions™ approach, we will take the time to listen to you so we understand what’s most important to you following your accident. Then we will take time to educate you about your options so that you can decide how to proceed. We give you the benefit of our expertise and experience, but you remain in control of your case. We remain personally available to you so you can always ask questions about your case or give us additional information that can help you. This helps us achieve a fair outcome in your case.

To learn how Brian Pushchak can help in your motorcycle accident case, please contact us today for a free consultation. We serve clients in Denver and throughout Colorado.

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